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Scandinavian JULEFEST & Market

 November 16th, 2024 - 9am to 4pm at

Dove of Peace Lutheran Church , 665 W Roller Coaster Rd, Tucson, AZ

More information to follow in the future! 

(NOTE - NORDIC FAIR  2024 has been cancelled and is currently replaced by Scandinavian JULEFEST & Market)

Dear Past Nordic Fair fans,

We sadly needed to cancel the Nordic fair for 2024 and the reasons are all about volunteers and money and getting old.

After 42 years of seeing so many wonderful people who have volunteered over the past years and who have given of their time and talents, we had to look ourselves in the mirror and recognize that we have gotten older and more tired. The venue hall had raised its rental 50% and our only source of revenue was the vendor application fees and our raffle. No other clubs supported the Nordic Fair with any cash, and Norse in Tucson paid all the bills and the insurance for the event. We almost went in the red. Also, The Tucson Swedish Club VASA closed in 2024 and would not be a participant. So, for these reasons and more is how we decided to cancel Nordic fair 2024.

However, Norse in Tucson and their board has approved” Scandinavian Julefest and Market” for 2024, Julefest will be held at our new location, Dove of Peace Lutheran Church, at 665 W Roller Coaster Rd., Tucson, AZ 85704. Norse in Tucson will again host this event. Norse in Tucson held a very successful Scandinavian open house pre pandemic in 2019. We invited all the Scandinavian clubs to participate, however only Norse in Tucson ended up being the only club to participate. Yet with very little time to prepare (less than 45 days) and zero budget, The open house was wall to wall standing room only and in a 2-hour time frame over 250 attended.

This year we have a 5-month window to get ready and prepare for a successful event. Things will be a little different, as we will have craft demonstrations and lessons in how to cook/bake Scandinavian food with recipes. We will have all day entertainment and skits as well as Leikarring Scandinavian Dancers and Tucson Swedish Dancers with Aurora Borealis Folk Band. Performing two shows with audience participation. We also will have a few vendor spaces available.

Of Course we hope to have a very successful Norwegian Cookie Bake Sale as this is now our only fundraising event. So We are asking early to think about the cookies you can bring for us to sell.

If anyone has Scandinavian items you might like to sell, please send us a message or email and we would like to connect with you.

General information about Tucson's 42nd Annual Scandinavian Nordic Fair, Julemarked (Christmas Market) 
Tucson, Arizona , Dec. 2nd, 2023 – 9am to 3pm 
Streams of the Desert Lutheran Church, 

5360 E Pima St, Tucson, AZ 85712 

The Grand Marshall of Nordic Fair 2023 will be Erin Christiansen

from KOLD TV 13, Erin is of Danish Descent.

Welcome to the home of Tucson's 42nd Annual Scandinavian Nordic Fair, and  "Julemarked" Christmas Market, Tucson, AZ 

The Scandinavian Nordic Fair and "Julemarked"  Christmas Market is an authentic celebration of the traditions of the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland. This Old-World celebration is certain to get you in the spirit of the season.  

This year marks the 42nd anniversary of the Nordic Fair, and Julemarked  (Christmas Fair in Norwegian), which attracts people from Scandinavia and of Scandinavian descent from all over Southern Arizona as well as many Americans that have made this an annual tradition.  

We would like to thank all our visitors to the 2022 fair for helping us make it such a spectacular event. Approximately 2000 adults and children enjoyed the exhibits, entertainment, food and huge array of sales items from Scandinavia! We truly appreciate our generous sponsors and the wonderful vendors with their wares from all over Scandinavia. It was a pleasure to see so many Scandinavians and Scandinavian-Americans pulling together to arrange the Julmarked, manning the booths, cooking and serving food and coffee and entertaining our guests with dancing, singing and showing off their beautiful costumes. It got crowded at times, but that’s part of the experience and everybody was having a great time! 

This year, the Scandinavian Nordic Fair, and Christmas Market promises to be even better as the word is spreading around the area about this event. Just as it has for over a decade, the event will take place in the Streams of the Desert Lutheran Church, 5360 E Pima St. Tucson, AZ 85712.

The Julemarked always features a variety of homemade foods, such as Danish Aebleskivers, Frikadeller , Norwegian Lefse, and cookies, Swedish Baked Breads are just a few of the delicious goodies available. Be sure to visit the “Coffee Corner” for coffee and wonderful home baked pastries! Talented artisans and vendors offer everything from Nisse and quilts to crystal pieces, jewelry, homemade bread, Scandinavian Collectibles and antiques, Viking Jewelry, Christmas decorations and more! 

Take your picture as Ole and Lena and use your picture in your Christmas "Jul" card.

There will be something on stage the entire day! In addition to acclaimed Scandinavian and Scandinavian-American performers, members of the local Scandinavian community will demonstrate traditional folk dances and play folk music. There will even be a “fashion show” featuring the beautiful folk costumes of the Scandinavian countries. For many families, the highpoint is the Lucia procession. You may take pictures with Ragnar the Viking, or riding a toboggan down a mountain, enjoy music by Freya’s Sang, and enjoy music played on a Hardanger fiddle. Bring your children for Scandinavian story time at Inga’s Story Corner.

Tucson's local Scandinavian organizations are represented at the fair, Norse in Tucson Club, Danish Club of Tucson, the Vasa Swedish Club and the Finnish Club of Tucson and there are always plenty of opportunities to learn a little more about the people and customs of the Scandinavian countries. You might even pick up a few words in a local tongue and develop a taste for that traditional herring! 

Be sure to buy some Raffle Tickets and winners will win prizes from every one of our vendors and even special sponsor prizes such a restaurant gift cards, movie theater tickets and more. Winners need not be present to win. Proceeds help to fund Nordic Fair. The raffle prize value will be in excess of $500. 

The Scandinavian Christmas Fair is hosted by Norse in Tucson, a 501 (c) (3) Non-profit. Assisted by The Danish Club of Tucson, the Swedish Club of Tucson and the Finnish Club of Tucson.

Arrive early for best assortment of shopping and eating. 

Entrance is FREE . There is Plenty of Free Parking. 

For more information, or if you would like to be a vendor,  please click here -

 See you there!   Things are always subject to change 


Come visit and take your photo

with "Puffy" the 10 foot tall

Lego Man.

Compliemnts of

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                            of Tucson.

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Streams of the Desert Lutheran Church
5360 E Pima St, Tucson, AZ 85712

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